Duct Protection Film
Duct Film has been around for 10 years but back then it was actually the same thing as carpet films. While it worked well, sometimes the adhesion was just a tad too much in certain temperatures, which would result in adhesive transfer. Technology has helped us to change this and we now use an adhesive formula that is specifically designed to protect metal. While most duct films have no puncture resistance, our does-- and it also has 60 day UV protection. We carry it in clear or blue. Word has it that only blue has UV Protection. Our blue and clear both have UV protection, so that is a myth about the color blue.

Duct (Vent) Protection Films

VT 24 x 200 blue or clear 50 rolls per pallet
VT 36 x 200 blue only 30 rolls per pallet
VT 48 x 200 blue only 24 rolls per pallet