Door Shield
We met this product four years ago and it was love at first sight. As I mentioned earlier, we visit a lot of job sites. I have never seen so many doors that get ruined. If a contractor wants to protect that $300-$1,500 door, this is the way to do it. Door Shield applies in minutes. It’s reusable and Leeds Certified. If you are tired of ripping up cardboard and taping it in order to protect a door—while taking one hour of your time to do it—buy some of these and you will find peace. By the way, we met a contractor who used the same door shields on 2 different jobs! Each job had 500 doors! We need more jobs like that.

Door Shield

DS 200 Series 7 ' 5 units per box
DS 200 Series 8' 5 units per box
DS Protector Series 7' 5 units per box
DS Protector Series 8' 5 units per box

Sold by the box only.